Friday, November 30, 2007

It Still Feels Like August

My first holiday season in Hawaii has me in a bit of a tailspin.

Mostly it's because of the weather. The delicious, tropical weather that tells my brain it's still August, balmy and lovely, and why in the world are you worrying about shopping lists and shipping times?

But the calendar tells me a different story. It's November 30th and that means two things:

1. The Christmas countdown begins tomorrow and I'd better get my act together and take that adorable Christmas photo of the kids for the Christmas card already, and

2. NaBloPoMo is over.

Hope you enjoyed the daily posts and don't hold a grudge that I put up mostly photos throughout the month.

I can't imagine I'll return to that pace again for a while, but I promise not to abandon you entirely, either. We've still gots lots of fun stories to share here (stay tuned for a PG-13-rated one, courtesy of Finney Boy himself), and once I put down the sunscreen and pick up the Christmas decorations I'll be back to send some tropical warmth your way.

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