Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The View From Up There

Shea finally met the last member of her father's immediate family on Sunday when she was introduced to Uncle Matt from Fort Worth--the tallest of the five tall brothers in John's family.

Considering the gene pool in our collective families, chances are pretty good that Shea, too, will be a tall specimen one day. With a mother who's 5' 9", an aunt who clears six feet in flats, and a father and two grandfathers who are each 6' 4", the little baby we could tuck into the curl of our elbow will one day be a quaint anecdotal memory.

Another strong statistical genetic possibility is that Shea will become a fan of potatoes and beer, as she's mostly German and Irish, and as further evidenced by the fact that she decided it was perfectly reasonable to crawl up and into the open beer cooler at Reilly's house on Sunday to help herself to an ice-cold Tecate.

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pat said...

It appears from your recent posting to your blog that I will continue to be the shortest female cousin at 5"7" in our family. There are not many of us females in a family taken over by males but the few there are of us are tall. Kathleen beat us all by being 6 feet but the others follow close behind. For example; Aunt Ann's daughter is 5 "11". Uncle Billy's daughter is about the same. My sisters two girls are 5"10" and 5"9" and my sister is 5"8".