Monday, May 15, 2006

My Life On A String

In Finn's preschool class this year the kids prepared, with their teachers' help, adorable mementos for their moms in honor of Mother's Day. Most of the collection I was honored to receive got posted on the blog yesterday. (Don't you LOVE that he thinks I'm 51? Another little girl in Finn's class thought her mom was 8. I couldn't decide which estimate was better.)

Yesterday, while displaying the ream of sentimental paper goods I received, I somehow forgot to post the photo below, taken in Finn's classroom last week as it hung from the ceiling to dry. (Preschool teachers, by the way, are some of the most efficient masters of spatial intelligence I've ever seen. Every single surface is utilized within the rather smallish classroom--including the ceiling!--without it ever feeling cluttered, even when all 12 kids and the teacher are in it.)

On the pictured collage there are a number of images of things, clipped out of magazines, that he thinks I like. And, although he didn't include the martini glass I saw on his buddy Collin's page for his mom, his assessment of my sensibilities was pretty accurate. To wit:

According to Finnegan, I like:

  • Pasta Primavera
  • Big, slobbering, drooling dogs
  • Cinnamon buns with drizzled icing
  • Gerber daisies

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pat said...

Thanks for the smile. That dog has to be the best. Now everytime I see one, I will think of you.