Friday, April 21, 2006

The Good Ol' Days

Now that the camera's officially dead, I may not be posting recent shots for a while. Until we find a replacement machine to sate my full-blown photography addiction, I'll be posting images I have stockpiled over the recent weeks.

Here then, are Shea and John sharing a snuggle and a tousle in the living room a few Saturdays ago. Back before she turned into a snarling, fanged, triple teether, that is.


Anonymous said...

Oh My - definitely approaching the limits of the adorability-meter! Any suggestions to the rest of us for best buys on digital cameras for blogging/emailing, etc.?

KarinGal said...

I'm coveting a Canon SLR digital camera (not sure, yet, about which exact model) for our next purchase, but until then--when money magically falls from the sky or I'm able to rack up enough freelance gigs--I'll be using a loaner of modest breed.

Here's a great link for researching digital cameras of all kinds:
You can get a solid digital camera of the point and shoot variety for less than $200 these days...great for blogging/emailing.