Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Next Diane Arbus

While visiting Daisy, Cari, and Flip last week, I pulled out my camera (shocking, I know) to capture some of the sweet childhood antics unfolding around me. Before long, Daisy nestled up to me, interested to see how the magic silver box I perpetually have in my hands and in her face actually worked.

Once I showed her the basics--this setting allows you to take pictures, while this setting displays what you took--she quickly got the knack of things and was off and shooting. I was so pleased at her interest and immediate prowess that I started filling out my Christmas 2006 Gift Idea List in my mind, starting with a basic digital camera for the little five-year-old after my own heart.

While we were saying our thank-yous and goodbyes for the day I promised to show Daisy her photographs the next time I saw her, after I had a
chance to print them out.

Cari, you see, Daisy's mother and my dear friend since we were 10 years old, is one of the best homemakers I know and is gifted beyond belief in decorating, sewing, party throwing, cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, cooking, juggling three kids without breaking a sweat, and most domestic things that perplex and vex me to no end, but she still hasn't mastered e-mail. And my blog? That's just something she snickers at for wasting the time I should be spending cleaning and redecorating my house, after handstitching new linens for the kids' beds and whipping up a six-course meal--with dessert!--in less than 20 minutes. Go figure. (You can already detect the distinct ying and yang in our enduring friendship, can't you?)

When I got home, I half expected to find a memory card full of random floorboards and sidewalks, of blurry faces and overexposed places, which I would simply delete into the great digital trash can in the sky. What I discovered, however, showed great promise and range, and I'm thinking Christmas needs to come a little sooner than usual for my favorite little blond flower.

Here, then, is a sampling of Daisy's first digital photoshoot.

Yeah, she's still in preschool.




Still Life

Action Shot

Self Portrait


jlf said...

Ditto on the great shots by the young ms. daisy...pretty impressive. But, alas, I hope to see her in the likes of Dorothea Lang or Annie Lebowitz...Ms. Arbus was nuts...and then killed herself.
Ms. Daisy would do well to follow in the footsteps of her Auntie Karion- who happens to be one heck of a photgrapher. Me thinks the digital slr is coming and the the protege gets the hand me down!

Bravo Daisy...girl after my own heart...
~an admirer~

christine said...

now's your excuse to get that Nikon D70! excellent pix! i had the pleasure of attending a party at said household - and karin is totally right!