Monday, March 06, 2006

Lady And The Trampoline

Finney had a much-anticipated playdate with Daisy, one of his very bestest friends ever, last week. After spending about an hour together nibbling on lunch, playing on the swing set, giggling on the couch, and blasting off into outer space in an empty television box, Daisy--little nurturer that she is--finally helped Finney muster enough courage to join her for a round of jumping on her backyard trampoline for the first time ever in the nearly ten months it's been sitting there.

As one could expect, once he tried it he was hooked. Twists, belly flops, bottom bounces, tandem springing--you name it, they did it, over and over again, giggling all the while. The two pals jumped their hearts out for what seemed like hours, reminding me once again just how deep the stunning energy reserves of kids extend. And before long, the once shy and reserved landlubber was trying to talk Daisy away from her Yoohoo and back up and into the trampoline for another go.

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