Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pooling Around

We've been here for more than three months now and have spent countless hours at the many spectacular beaches around the island.

During that time, however, we've only swam in pools twice. It felt almost like we were cheating on the Pacific Ocean when we did, too, as if submerging oneself in an ocean as beautiful, warm and full of amazing fish as we have surrounding us should ALWAYS take precedence over a dip in chlorinated water aside plastic lounge chairs; anyone can do that anywhere.

But we've had fun during our pool visits. Our first outing was to the over-the-top Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, where we spent the better part of a day splashing and playing with Finney's old girlfriend, Maya, and her sweet Mom, who were visiting from California.

At first, Finn thought little Maya had moved into the Hilton for good -- that it was going to be her new, permanent home. You know, because everyone moves to Hawaii sooner or later and she just came over a little later than we did, right Mom? And why didn't we get a pool that big, by the way? -- and requested that I organize MANY play dates with Maya in her new palatial digs. He was a bit disappointed, in more ways than one, to later learn she was only visiting the Place With The Awesome Pools and Waterfalls and Turtles and Penguins and Parrots and that we wouldn't be returning anytime soon to see her.

Recently, our new friends invited us to join them at their local health club, where they have a great big pool and jacuzzi. About a minute after we arrived, however, a spontaneous storm erupted right over the club and a bunch of clouds unzipped their bellies and poured out their slippery contents on our heads.

In California, that would have, sadly, been the end of the outing. The rain would have continued to spill the rest of the day, and everyone would have packed back into the car, sulking and dejected. But the great thing about rain in Hawaii? It's usually quite pleasant -- refreshing, actually -- and stops almost as soon as it starts.

So while all the towel jockeys surrounding the pool (and those of us with cameras in hand) sought cover from the rain, the swimmers just stayed where they were. They were wet already, right?

And within five minutes, the rain was pau for the day.

A little bit of rain falls here almost every day -- just enough to keep all the flowers in bloom and the vegetation green.

What a wonderful system Mother Nature has here in the islands -- almost as impressive as the Hilton Hawaiian Village itself.

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Anonymous said...

I want to stay at the Hawaiian Village Resort! Looks like so much fun! Just a note to say hi and we all miss you here! But looks like you guys are having the time of your lives! Keep posting! Love the pictures! Kim