Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things I Already Love About Living Here

  • Trash (rubbish, it's called here) is picked up TWICE a week, not once.
  • People drive slower here than they do in California. In a good way.
  • Finn picks up freshly fallen plumerias on his walk to school every morning.
  • I can hear doves, ducks or gekkos at almost any time of day or night.
  • I can buy sashimi, poke and fresh sushi -- in bulk -- at Costco.
  • There are certain views, roads and vantage points that remind me of my favorite parts of Baja.
  • The local food options (gourmet dining aside) are plentiful, affordable and diverse.
  • The ocean water temperature is so warm you can stay in the water for hours before chattery teeth and blue lips set in.
  • I used to think the famous Hawaiian trade winds could be a bit annoying -- erratically blowing things over, encouraging dust in the house, even waking up our always lightsleeping little Shea in the middle of the night. Then we had a couple of still, sweltering August days without them and I quickly had a change of heart. Now I LOVE the trade winds, dust and all.
  • The slower pace here reminds me of my former home town, as it was during the '70s.
  • Can't bear another burger? You can order Saimin at the airport, at Ala Moana Beach -- and at McDonalds.
  • The only time I've put on a sweater here was when the air conditioning in a restaurant was turned up too high for my personal climate zone.
  • Hanauma Bay.
  • People really do live aloha here.


RONW said...

....and you can also fish for salmon in the Ala Wai canal.

pat said...

Looks wonderful.

Shannon said...

They serve THAT at McDonald's. No way. Looks great.

The flowers are beautiful.

I get the feeling you may stay a while. Sounds like a wonderful place to be.


KarinGal said...

This photo is of the Saimin served in the Maui airport. The one at McDonald's is smaller and with fewer ingredients, but still not bad considering it's fast food noodles...