Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grehec Is Home


Finn's journal entry for Thursday, September 20th, 2007.


Gretch is Home.

Tonight Auntie Gretch is coming over for three days.

It's true: We had our first non-Grandma-Emely visitor last week when Auntie Gretchen visited us here in our new Hawaii home!

We had lots of fun together. We went to the beach, watched Finn play soccer, and even visited John downtown, skipping over to Chinatown for some yummy lunch.

Her visit happened to fall on the autumnal equinox, so Auntie Gretch showed all of us the famous egg trick, wherein an egg stands on its end (with the assistance of little salt) as the Earth is in perfect balance.

Gretchen and I even had a chance to fill the better part of an entire day exploring Honolulu while John took the kids to the beach. Our outing started with a gorgeous hike up to Manoa Falls, assisted by some bamboo walking sticks, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

After working up quite a hunger on the trail, we retreated to the famous Wai'oli Tea Room & Bakery, built in 1922 and set in a lush and secluded parcel of property in Manoa Valley owned by the Salvation Army.

It's also rumored to be the place Robert Louis Stevenson stayed while he lived in Hawaii. (You know, while eating scones and sipping Darjeeling.) We had a long, leisurely lunch unfettered by tiny, loud voices. Delightful.

All in all, it was a great visit -- although over much too quickly. We are reminded regularly here in Hawaii, living in the most remote major inhabited city on the planet, just how important the strong bonds of friends and family are -- no matter the distance.

And time and time again, we feel so blessed to be able to follow our dream of living in the beauty of Hawaii while at the same time keeping such a wonderful support system around the globe.

Aloha Antee Grech, indeed.


Gretchen said...

A great time indeed!! Thank you again for hosting a brief but fun-filled stay.

Ante Grehec

Shannon said...

Beautiful! The hike sounds like such fun and the waterfall is gorgeous. Lovely art work as well.

p.s. I started a writing course Thursday evening. Wish me luck. It's a little intimidating.

BOSSY said...

Wow. Heaven, is that you?