Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, Shucks

Would you believe that Double Duty Diary has been nominated for the annual Share the Love Blog Awards in the "Happiest Blog" category?

No, really! Despite all my whinging and whining, I guess there are a couple of people out there who think of this as a happy place.

And by that I am charmed and flattered.

Many thanks go to Shannon at Zokai for the sweet nomination gesture, and to Heather at One Woman's World for organizing the whole fun shebang.

You can check out other nominees and cast your votes in all categories here. There is much goodness to be had.


pat said...

congrats dear cousin. you got my vote.

Holli said...

You got my vote!!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Shannon has been busy! She nominated me, too. Hope you win, because I have to agree with her assessment. Overall ... very, very shiny and happy! :)