Sunday, October 18, 2009


Let's face it: Shea's a lovely girl, but girlfriend can be kinda bossy. Especially with her patient, indulgent older brother.

But even Finn sometimes gets fed up. Like he did this morning.

Shea: "Fiiiinnnnnnn, come in here and fix the TV for me!"

Finn: (No response. Keeps working on his Sodoku puzzle.)

Shea: "Fiiiinnnnnnn, come help me!"

Shea: "Fiiiinnnnnnn, come over here right now!"

Shea: "Fiiiinnnnnnn, you need to do this for me!"

Finn: "It's not like you're my QUEEN or anything, so I'm not going to!"


Anonymous said...

Great photos of the kids through the months. They're getting big!
Aloha, Donna Wendt

pat said...

This is great. Reminds me of Princess Ava.

jodster said...

I MIISSSS that couch. Remember holding Finn when he was jst a little nugget. Kids are getting so grown. So cute, so smart. Miss ya'all. jodster