Monday, June 04, 2007

Coming Up For Air

I had forgotten about moving.

About how it requires you to process EVERY SINGLE THING you own and weigh it on the scales of importance or relevance in your life.

About how, now that we’re a family of four (as opposed to the last time we moved, when we were just Newlyweds: Plenty of Free Time Not as Much Stuff Party of Two, your table's ready), four people accumulate more than four times their worth of necessary stuff.

About how liberating and freeing getting rid of the clutter in your life can be, granting you a fresh start and a clean slate.

After about five days of weeding, packing and cleaning, running on an average of five hours of sleep each night, too much coffee and visions of sandy Hawaiian beaches, I started to feel the surreal hum of our impending life change.

And it was exhilarating.

* * * * *

John will be leaving for Hawaii this week and the kids and I will follow next month, eager to begin our new adventures in the islands.

We’ve all been looking pretty shaggy lately, what with all the moving boxes and dust flying around, so we took the chance this past weekend to get ourselves much-needed haircuts.

Here’s a shot of the results of Shea’s first sit-in-the-seat-like-a good-girl haircut. She was a champion.


kailani said...

Good luck with the move! Aloha!

An Island Life

Kim said...

Karin, John & Kids:

Hope all is going well. Looking forward to updates!!

Shannon said...

Precious. Hope you are getting settled in and loving Hawaii.