Friday, May 11, 2007

The Big Reveal

My recent and conspicuous absence from this blog may have been perplexing to some of you out there. After all, just a half a year ago I was posting every single day and showed heartfelt devotion to creating daily entries. And the last few months have been, well..., pretty bloody dismal, right?

(Are you out there anymore, by the way, or have you just given up on me? I wouldn't blame you if you have, but if you're reading this I imagine you held out a glimmer of hope for a possible return to the keyboard and I thank you for it.)

You may be happy to learn that my absence wasn't born out of writer's block.

Nor was it due to blogger malaise or lack of content.

It was because John and I were methodically and diligently busy focusing all of our energies on turning one of our life's dreams into a reality.

And guess what?

It worked.

* * * * * * * * * * *


As in moving all our furniture and pots and pans and CDs and books and kids and staying there.

As in not coming home 10 days later after a nice mid-winter break, tan and relaxed.

As in getting new driver's licenses and finding new supermarkets and dry cleaners and beaches and doctors and kindergartens.

We're thrilled. We're excited. And we're incredibly busy.

The next few months will be a period of transition as we move out of our place -- the one John and I moved into as newlyweds, the one where we brought our new babies to straight from the hospital, the one we've called home for the last six years -- and into suitcases and shipping containers and short-term limbo as we begin a new chapter of our lives in the islands.

I'll be back online once we're settled in and I hope to have great stories about our trans-Pacific adventures. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the spectacular slice of paradise we'll soon be lucky enough to call our new home.


pat said...

I wish you love, joy, happiness and loads of fun.
PS (is there room for one more)

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Holli said...

What does your husband do for a living and can he get my husband a job?!