Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why I Love Coffee

My night last night:

8:30pm: Shea falls asleep. Hooray! Into the crib with you, little one. Sweet dreams, tiny terror.

8:45pm: Finn falls asleep. Right on, they're both down. It's eerily quiet.

9:30pm: John falls asleep. Tells me on his way to bed, "Don't stay up too late." Yeah, right. :)

10:30pm: Heeding John's advice after paying a few bills, wiping down the kitchen table, and doing some final edits on a manuscript, I go to bed.

11:45pm: Shea wakes up.

12:15am: Shea goes back to sleep, after feeding and cuddling.

1:15am: Rumble. Rumble. What's that, an earthquake? Wake to find John, feverish and trembling with the chills--which shakes the ENTIRE bed.

1:45: After an Advil, some water, and a tight blanket tuck, John's back to sleep.

2:30pm: THUD. Find Finn has fallen out of bed and gone right back to sleep on the floor. Cover him with a blanket where he lies.

4:00am: Shea wakes up AGAIN. This time, bright eyed and bushy tailed, she's looking to play.

6:00am: Shea finally falls asleep again, after numerous feeding sessions, a diaper change, eight laps around the bedroom, and an hour of rocking in the rocking chair.

7:00am: John calls in sick to work, takes another Advil, and goes back to sleep.

7:30am: Shea wakes up.

8:30am: Finn wakes up.

9:00am: Karin needs much coffee.

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